The Kisrei Program

The “Kisrei” program, which teaches the Alef-Bais for kids in all different forms; posters (more than a dozen with a variety of 3 sizes), games (puzzles, memory/card games) and books.

At Kisrei we believe that every child’s learning abilities are unique: some will learn the Alef-Bais visually on a wall poster, some in a flash-card form, while others, in a book form. Some children learn better a play setting, while others absorb more in a memory game form.

Older kids will benefit from our wonderful card game by mastering the Rashi & script letters of the Alef-Bais.

With the variety of the “Kisrei” products in the languages of Loshon Kodesh, Yiddish and English, your child/student will have the maximum ability to enhance his/her understanding of the Alef-Bais.

Learning and loving the Alef-Bais has never been so easy! Satisfaction guaranteed!

Our Youngest Testimonial