Haschalas Alef Bais (1st Day of Alef Bais)

ISBN: 9781943453511
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The introducing a child to Alef-Bais at the age of three is where the Torah journey of a lifetime begins. The child’s parents, zaidies, bubbies, and the entire family, enjoy and cherish this age old tradition and sacred experience, praying this this young man grow up to be an Ehrlicher Yid and a Talmid Chacham…

This decorative & bright Alef-Bais sheet with bold & attractive lettering, along with the traditional Cheder Feerin Minhagim, is the best “introduction” for the 3-Year-Old on the 1st day coming to Cheder! It is a must have for every child!

  • Each letter in its own circle, adorned with an ornate crown.
  • Educational and decorative. Young kids are attracted to its bright colors.
  • Beautiful silk lamination with raised UV letters.
  • The 1st-Day-of-Alef-Bais order according to the traditional minhagim.
  • Popular songs to sing during the child's first visit to cheder.
  • 10.5"× 15.75" folded in half.

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