Alef-Bais flash cards, YIDDISH keywords & beautiful pictures, for teachers (6" x 9")

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Educational colorful high-quality Alef-Bais flash cards, with YIDDISH keywords & beautiful pictures, for teachers in classroom.

  • Educational and decorative. Successfully proven in schools.
  • Large letters, can be seen from far. Young kids are attracted to its bright colors.
  • Each letter/Nekudah on an individual card, with Yiddish keywords & beautiful pictures.
  • Fully laminated, for permanence and protection.
  • Carrying bag included for easy handling and storage.
  • Card size: 6" X 9".

These Alef-Bet flash cards are decorative & bright, with bold attractive lettering & beautiful pictures, which increases a child's knowledge with clarity and ease, within days! It is a must have for every teacher! These cards are high-quality & laminated to ensure long lasting enjoyment!

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