Sefer Kisrei Alef-Bais & Nekudos, with ENGLISH and LOSHON-KODESH captions, 6" x 9" Laminated

ISBN: 9781943453351
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Educational colorful, attractive & beautiful Alef-Bais & Nekudos book, for kids at school/home – Fully laminated

  • Successfully proven in homes and schools.
  • Each letter on an individual page.
  • Each Nekudah on an individual page.
  • Charts of Rashi & Script letters, and Gimatrios.
  • Page size 6" x 9"

This Alef-Bais book is decorative & bright, with bold & attractive lettering, which increases a child's knowledge with clarity and ease, within days! It is a must have for every child! This book is fully laminated to ensure long lasting enjoyment!

MSRP $17.99

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